Active sales of your products

  • Our continuous work will substantially increase your sales
  • We will handle all of the sales processes saving your time
  • Your task is only to handle the after sales

There is a vast selection of different ways you can sell your product. Retail sales, e-mail marketing, door-to-door sales etc - they all have their good and bad sides, but what makes telemarketing stand out, is the personal touch and the full attention, that we get from the client plus the ability to handle huge numbers of contacts per day. Although telemarketing is not the cheapest way to advertise your products, it usually delivers far better results, than other sale tactics. Contact lists are custom created to deliver highest number of sales per call. We can get in touch with every business or private person with a listed phone number in Estonia.

The pricing is simple – an hourly rate of 14€+VAT and no extra fees for campaign management, test sales planning or anything else of that kind. We start with a short test campaign to get some fresh data to refine our goals, budget, database etc. To get enough statistics we need to run the test campaign at a minimum of 40-70 hours. We can also switch from hourly pricing to per sale pricing if the test campaign was successful.

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