Database cleansing and building

  • Increased effectiveness of your sales department
  • Messages actually reach their target audience
  • Allows more accurate statistics which in turn help to plan your sales activities better

Building your own databases is both essential and very resource heavy. Even harder is to constantly keep it accurate since addresses and phone number change, the people that knew you company have moved to new positions and the new guys have no idea who you are and what you do. All this will badly hurt your sales. We can help!

Send us your database and we will go over every contact and make sure that they really are there when you need them. We can also expand your list by pre-qualifying leads from our own databases and give them to your sales team to finalize the sale!

The calls can be made from 9AM to 9PM. The pricing is an hourly rate of 14€+VAT and there are no extra charges! We start with a short test campaign to get some fresh data to refine our goals, budget, database etc. To get enough statistics we need to run the test campaign at a minimum of 7-21 hours.

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