Finding new customers

  • Your sales team will drastically increase conversions due to new pre-qualified leads
  • Increased revenue and profit due to higher sales and decreased cost-per-sale
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Every company who has a sales team, has been there – how to organize the sales process so that the resources used will bring back highest profits and during all this the sales persons need to be happy and motivated. We can help!

We will pre-qualify your contact list, we will define the needs of every prospect and create a new list of interested leads for your sales team so that they can finalize the sale. Your sales team can now concentrate on getting the most profit out of already interested clients and will not be stressed out of all the denials from the cold leads that just do not need what you are offering.

We can work with your own list of leads or use our own database, which has the numbers of all companies and private persons with listed numbers in Estonia. The calls can be made from 9AM to 9PM. The pricing is an hourly rate of 14€+VAT and there are no extra charges! We start with a short test campaign to get some fresh data to refine our goals, budget, database etc. To get enough statistics we need to run the test campaign at a minimum of 20-70 hours. We can also switch from hourly pricing to per sale pricing if the test campaign was successful.

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