Market research

  • Leave your sales team to do the sales! We will do the research.
  • Research will be ready far faster by us because this is what we do daily!

You need to know and understand your clients to keep them happy and buying. With a small client base this is not much of a problem, but with many clients you will find yourself in a position, where your sales persons spend less and less time actually selling anything. Leave it to us to find out how your clients feel about your products and what they would like to see next and let your sales team sell, this is what they do best.

We can help you out with your questionnaires and if a more through research is needed, then we will work closely together with a professional research company to give the most detailed results possible.

The calls can be made from 9AM to 9PM. The pricing is an hourly rate of 14€+VAT and there are no extra charges! We start with a short test campaign to see how the contacts react so we can better plan the rest of the research campaign. To get enough statistics we need to run the test campaign at a minimum of 7-21 hours.

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