Marketing campaign support

  • After sales communication will increase customer loyalty
  • Collecting feedback is an essential part of any marketing campaign
  • Any last minute changes? –We will get in touch with your clients ASAP!


With any marketing campaign, whether its online or offline, you need to analyze its results, otherwise you never knew what really worked and what was just a waste of money. You can use email, but lets be honest, people rarely take the time to answer any non-essential emails. People are often most honest on the phone. Leave it to us to give a quick call to your audience so we can find out whats really on their mind!

The calls can be made from 9AM to 9PM. The pricing is an hourly rate of 14€+VAT and there are no extra charges! We start with a short test campaign to see how the contacts react so we can better plan the rest of the campaign. To get enough statistics we need to run the test campaign at a minimum of 7-21 hours.

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